Reverse Image Search solutions

Imagine spending a huge budget to take professional photos for your business and then someone else re-uses them not minding infringing copyright rules?  Imagine someone else selling off your photos illegally or you get to see your images reused in contexts or in graphics you’re not happy about.

A reverse image search solution enables you to track where your images are used and let you know if they are used illegally and this will help you take action to protect your personal brand or business.  Also, what about the case when you come across an image and you are curious about getting more information about it, reverse image search helps you know about the source, date of creation or publication, and site where the image can be found.

How Does the Reverse Image Search work?

The reverse image search solution is a search engine technology that enables you to send in an image file as an input query and provides search results related to the image provided. Reverse search engine functionality is provided by search engines such as ImageReverse, Yandex, and Google.

What is a Reverse Image Search Used for?

The reverse image search solution is a valuable tool that enables journalists or photographers to find the original source of an image and also get to know the exact date that a picture was published on the internet. Also, with the ‘search by image’ option, photographers can get to know about the websites using their photographs without permission. Individuals can use the reverse image search solution to know and verify the authenticity of viral images on the internet. This will provide a check to propaganda and the proliferation of fake news.

Google Reverse Image Search

Google picture search remains one of the most used image search engines. Google has an extensive database with billions of images that are uploaded from the web. This makes it easy for you to search images and get results. You can use image search Google to get similar images that are in different qualities, sizes or formats.

Reverse Image Search solutions, google image reverse

The Google reverse image search in your iPhone enables you to perform reverse image searches easily. Go to the “Upload Image” and click the button.  Then you select an image from your photo gallery on your device. 

Reverse Image Search solutions, google image reverse


After you click, the “Show Matching  Images” button. After this, it will send your photo into Google’s image database and bring up visually similar photos.

This is another reverse image solution that uses an image identification solution, rather than keywords. To use this, you will upload an image to ImageReverse, and ImageReverse will develop a unique digital signature for the image and compare this compact signature with every other image in the ImageReverse index to find the matches. 

ImageReverse is very effective because it doesn’t just bring up similar images but presents the exact result of the image also including edited, resized, or cropped images.

This solution is perfect for image verification, tracking the original source and ownership of an image, and also checking if there is a license on an image obtained from a stock image website.


ImageReverse is trusted by many because of its privacy policy as it doesn’t track your searches. 

Reverse Image Search solutions, google image reverse


Yandex Reverse Image Search


Yandex is an effective reverse image search solution that enables tracking image sources and checking plagiarism. Yandex provides an impeccable reverse image search with a speed and authenticity similar to Google’s image search as well. Also, the Yandex reverse image search provides artificial intelligence-driven results. 

Reverse Image Search solutions, image reverse search

To use Yandex visit their website. Yandex is a Russian-owned website and so you will need to translate the webpage to English to enable you to use it properly.  

There is a camera icon, once you click on it you can then easily upload a picture from your computer or your mobile. Once you've done this, Yandex will return results with similar images. This would include a list of web pages where these images have been used as well.

Yandex Reverse Image Search

Yandex has an impressive image recognition technology and delivers a more accurate result when compared to Google. The Yandex system is able to match pixel-to-pixel, color-to-color and also shape to shape and deliver very accurate reverse image search results.

Reverse Image search on Android Vs iOS Phone

You can easily carry out a reverse image search on your Android phone. Simply open the browser, and use the search by image option. You can use either ImageReverse, Yandex or Google for your search depending on which is more accessible and useful for you. Like the android, you can also reverse image search on your iPhone through your browser using any of the search engines as well. So it doesn't matter what operating system you're using, you can get to know more about that image you've been curious about.

How Does Reverse Image Search Work?

The technicality behind reverse image search is a marvel of search engine technology. The reverse picture works by using a query technique referred to as content-based image retrieval (CBIR). This is also known as content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR). It uses computer vision technology to access and retrieve digital images from the internet.

The image becomes the search query and therefore you won't have to waste time using search keywords to look for an image. Easy right? There's a whole lot that may be on the way for search engines. Maybe someday we'll be able to search videos as well.


Reverse Search Image is Useful and Fun

There are so many reasons to carry out a reverse image search.

? Doing a reverse image search will enable you to know if you can post the image on your site.

? In the case you want to find the original source or creator of an image to give them credit while using, then a reverse image search will help you do that.

? Also, a reverse Search Image will help you know who's using your images.  


Reverse Image Search is available for use in any of your favorite browsers and can be done on any device of your choice. You can do a reverse search on PC or Mac, iPhone or Android, mobile or desktop.





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